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Design - Simon Grech, Andrea Zerafa, Jens Bruenslow

Images - MODEL

Writeup -  Mark Mangion

An imposing but dilapidated corner palazzo, Market Street aims to restore and refurbish historic elements of this palazzo back to its former glory while also proposing a bold piece of architecture that balances and observes architectural heritage with a rigorous modern architectural vision that unifies old and new with great care and respect for the built environment.

Using ecologically designed custom cut Maltese stone, the contemporary extension extends vertical lines already present in the existing architecture, but reduces, shifts and repeats them to create a monumental wave of stone where light and dark interplay with each other and where reflective light highlights this play depending on the time of day and season.

Proposing a mixed use including retail at ground level, flexible and shared office spaces as well as an international contemporary art gallery housed in the new extension, Market Street aims to be at the forefront of sustainable regeneration fusing restoration with a modern and technological outlook proposing a dynamic and creative space for professionals while fostering and investing in the local community in the heart of Floriana.

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