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Design - Alan Galea, Simon Grech, Andrea Pisani, Andrew Vinci

Photography - Chris Sant Fournier, HOMEWORKS

Writeup - Veronica Stivala, HOMEWORKS

The bold, white cupboards that stretch from floor to ceiling stand out in this converted old Maltese apartment. The small, irregular shapes cut out in these striking pieces of furniture offer a sneak peek into their contents, a reflection of this apartment in which a modern interior has been fitted over, but not completely hidden, its past.

All the partition walls were taken down to let light more flow in. To replace these walls, furniture was designed to define the space. A key feature in this property is that the bedroom closes off by means of a curtain.

The beautiful Maltese tiles are the apartment’s original tiles. To solve the problem of many being broken, tiles were removed from sections that would be permanently covered, and were then shaped to fit in the newly-opened areas.

To make the most of the sensational view of the harbour, a window was enlarged in the bedroom, and a new one opened up in the bathroom. Tucked away at the back of the apartment, the bathroom is accessed through a hidden door that forms part of the wardrobe.

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