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Design - Simon Grech

Structure - Andrew Vinci

Photography -  HOMEWORKS, Loraine Lewis

Writeup - Holly Knowles

The blend of marble, concrete and glass in this town house creates a striking, modernist home that maximizes light and space with a contemporary twist through the use of inventive custom detailing tailored to the client’s lifestyle.

Concrete beams are key to both the structure and the design scheme, echoed by concrete details in the form of worktops, display units and furniture. The search for extra light yielded a unique solution for a staircase, which is a suspended steel structure that casts delicate lines of shadow across an expanse of white wall, mirroring the linear concrete beams.

Over several floors, a range of social spaces can be found; a roof terrace, a sunny mezzanine, a flexible dining area, and a sophisticated lounge characterized by textured marble underfoot.

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