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Apartment 11
St. Julian's, MALTA

Design - Alan Galea, Simon Grech, Andrea Zerafa

Photography - Alex Attard

This luxury apartment interior has been tastefully and intentionally designed for a family of 4, who sought to live in an open space while still allowing for moments of privacy from each other and guests, with a moveable partition that creates different layouts based on the immediate needs. The apartment is optimized to allow easy circulation through independent spaces which are interconnected to create a spacious landscape.


The apartment encompasses 320 square meters and includes 3 large bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a combined and flexible kitchen, living, dining, kids play area and a study area which hosts a magnificent and purposely designed wine cabinet for Chris’ vast wine collection as well a favorite from his classic motor bike collection.


Custom oak grooved paneling lines most of the walls in the main living areas and conceals doors to the sleeping, more private bedroom and bathroom areas. A moveable wall partition tucks away neatly behind a part of the paneling allowing the study, kids play area and living room to be reconfigured as needed, affording the family to spend time together while also allowing for independent activities.


The dining room features a built-in dining unit which seamlessly transitions into the kitchen unit and houses the appliances, storage and a hidden breakfast area. The kitchen island lines up centrally with the marble dining table to create two unique spaces of this wing of the apartment which is fronted by a large terrace.


The 48 square main bedroom features a large open walk-in wardrobe which leads to an open bath and shower area fully integrated in the space before finally entering the bed area. A custom designed shoe cabinet separates the wash hand basins and bath from the wardrobe and a grey tinted glass partition separates the bed area from the shower however all spaces leave hints of activities going on in the whole space creating a very intimate connection throughout the main bedroom suite.


The architects used a fine palette of marble, wood, concrete, natural and artificial light to create a comfortable, functional and flexible home for a family to enjoy for many years to come. The client brief was clear on the way the family wanted to live but allowed for freedom on the aesthetic approach, materiality and any other adventurous ideas coming out of the architects.

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