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Publication in PLACES SEPTEMBER 2016

The client wanted a raw and sexy kitchen, with a strong connection to the adjoining courtyard. This is how architects Simon Grech and Elisa Camilleri from Model rose to the challenge… and raised the bar.

The aim was to maximise the connection between internal and external spaces through the continuation of the materials, as well as functionality. Users of the kitchen can sit at the ‘bar’ outside while the chef cooks inside and “the feeling of both spaces should be equal.”

The starting point was an older house so natural materials, which would age gracefully with the beautiful stone, were used.

The project was not without challenges and constraints, the kitchen area being tight and narrow.

This was overcome by opening the space into the courtyard and tucking the kitchen in between.

The end result is a graceful and raw kitchen, designed with all modern amenities sitting comfortably and effortlessly in an older, restored, traditional townhouse.

The finishes – concrete, timber and stone – are basic and as raw as possible.

The stand-out feature is the concrete counter, while other important touches include hidden aperture rails and embedded services within the concrete countertop.

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