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Design - Simon Grech, Elisa Camilleri

Photography - Sean Mallia

Writeup - Veronica Stivala

The eye is immediately drawn to the bold, raw concrete bar that links an old-style Maltese courtyard to a modern kitchen, where old and new sit comfortably side by side.

Model’s brief was not to redesign the house, but to plug in a kitchen that would relieve the tension in the flow of the house. The existing fabric was retained and the elements that were introduced by Model were defined.

The finishes – concrete, timber and stone – are basic and as raw as possible. Concrete was used to create structural elements and was left to contrast with the Maltese stone. Clean, neat lines, flow through the design of this kitchen. Its structure has influenced the design aesthetic: simple and functional.

Warmth and light play a key role in the aesthetic of this kitchen. The weather in Malta allowed for the use of external spaces. By creating the big apertures onto the courtyard, the kitchen was turned into a bright space, bringing in a lot of light into the house.

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