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Design - Alan Galea, Simon Grech, Dawn Fearne

Photography - Sean Mallia, Chris Sant Fournier

Writeup -  Veronica Stivala

Maltese fashion designers Charles & Ron’s creations are largely inspired by the Maltese culture. Model let this local element inspire their design. Clean lines, subtle luxurious materials and patterns, creative lighting and upmarket feelings are key elements of this chic boutique.

In keeping with the theme of Maltese culture, Model incorporated the shop windows into the beautiful old Maltese stone. The façade consists of steel beams, which were restored and recycled from the old mezzanine flooring system and used as the frame of the larger apertures.

Inside, a neutral palette of black and white permeates the building. This colour scheme takes its inspiration from the Charles & Ron logo and also allows for the colourful clothes to shine and take pride of place.  A star attraction is the central display table, its surface a large, white marble slab with a unique black streak down the middle.

A floor-to-ceiling curtain, which runs on a rail behind the shelving, acts as a backdrop to the items on display, giving a luxurious feel to the display unit and also allowing the designers to move the curtains accordingly.

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