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Design - Simon Grech, Andrew Vinci, Maria Muscat

Photography - Denise Scicluna

Writeup - Holly Knowles

Conceived as a boutique that appears to wear its interior architecture as a woman wears a necklace, this jewellery store refurbishment project proposes illuminated planes of white as adornments, or a 'necklace', varying in size, function, materiality and luminance.


This design concept is a foil for precious metal and gems, with each module custom built to showcase the jewellery for customers, provide hidden storage and to sculpt the whole retail space; creating walls that become an ever-changing display, and voids that become a passage which flows in a circle from the entrance.

A custom gate was commissioned from an artist to add an element with texture and feminine curves to the overall bright white space, introducing an artisan touch to reflect nature of the products.

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