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The Hub - PwC Malta's space of experience, learning and innovation


Design - Alan Galea, Simon GrechFrancesca Scicluna, James Dingli

Photography - Alex Attard

Writeup - MODEL

One of our main goals of The Hub is to remodel the traditional way of teaching, learning and interacting in an education space.


With this being the focus of the Architect, the vision for the project was to create a contemporary building whose exterior and interior evokes productive interactions between the business community and students. This building reflects the ongoing shift towards a focus on collaboration spaces.  


Accommodating over 500 students, this building includes a 200-seat conference hall, an auditorium, 1 90-seat lecture room, 2 50-seat lecture rooms, 3 specially designed IT lecture rooms, Walk-around lecture rooms, executive rooms including board-room style lecture rooms, 1-to-1 coaching rooms, Administration offices, and over 1000 square meters of flexible, casual lobbies filled with different types of seating to encourage an interactive and collaborative environment.

The building was designed holistically from the inside out and from the outside in which resulted in a 21st Century interior which responds to the needs of its users and creates a profound experience encouraging interaction and collaboration throughout its spaces.

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