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Design - Simon Grech, Matthew Tanti, Przemyslaw Acewicz, Andrew Vinci, Edward Cole, Nadine Xuereb

Photography Alex Attard

This story is about how a historical abandoned space, captured the heart of a young man, Martin, who had a vision of turning this property into a meeting spot where he can wine and dine with his friends.


“We should be able to do this in a few months!”  Martin said, on our appointment.


Only that, the property was composed of a complex juxtaposition of volumes, a high arched ground level, a vaulted intermediate and basement level overlying a well. Our main focus was on how to successfully intervene, whilst retaining the spirit that captured Martin’s imagination.


Our architectural intervention included the introduction of a multifunctional lightweight steel structure inspired by a theatre set at ground level to accommodate lighting, sound and ventilation ducts, the excavation of the intermediate level to accommodate a kitchen at basement level, the lining of walls screening air-conditioning units whilst doubling as a canvas for Chiaroscuro thematic graffiti. A concrete barrel vault was cast at basement level which stands freely beneath the vaulted space, housing the sanitary facilities of the restaurant. The well shaft was retrofitted with ventilation ducts and a dumbwaiter to vertically connect the volumes.


Finally, two years later we wine and dine.

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