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Design - Simon Grech, Elisa Camilleri

Photography - Luis Rodriguez, HOMEWORKS

Writeup - Veronica Stivala, HOMEWORKS

Movable furniture, bright colours and clever architectural design make Elisa’s apartment fun, and reminiscent of a game or puzzle. The aim was to create a flexible space that would accommodate different tasks and functions.

This corner Valletta property is essentially two separate properties that were originally connected by a steel staircase. This steel element was retained as a running theme throughout the apartment.

Natural materials sit comfortably with artificial elements: in addition to steel are concrete floors and slabs, timber apertures and birch plywood furniture. While the material palette was kept restricted, it was accented by blocks of colour introduced through furniture. The kitchen is also flexible so it can open up to a fully-flogged and functional work-space, as well as completely closed, forming a black box.

One of the area’s fortes is its airiness and openness, with louvered windows that can be opened wide to bring in light and create natural ventilation, or closed when privacy is needed.

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